MilSim - Action Tag Europe

MilSim or Military Simulation

This is a system that tests various player’s shooting skills in CQB or Close Quarter Combat – accuracy, speed and movement. Similar systems, employing live ammunition are used by Law Enforcement and Special Forces across the world to develop skill of defeating enemy at close range in urban environment. It is believed that British SAS first developed this type of combat training facility.

  • Precision Combat Marksmanship
  • Enhanced Combat Skills
  • Dynamic Warfighting

Clients are shooting targets, the objective is to move along the shooting course eliminating them all, which are connected to scoring system.

Once the last target is down timer stops and the players can compare their time score. The objective is to take out all targets as fast as possible. This is competitive adrenaline pack fast-paced gun action everyone will love.

MilSim KillHouse

The only electronic shooting range in the world, which works with paintball, airsoft and lasertag taggers.

MilSim KillHouse can be used from single firing position or as an obstacle course. In the case of an obstacle course, targets are set in a row at different heights, at a distance of 3-15 meters from the firing position. Row can be up to 40-60 meters long featuring up to 24 Targets. Targets can be mounted on tripods for outdoor events, or integrated into the silhouettes of people/animals, and be stationary, or with retractable elements. They can be used with lasertag, airsoft and paintball taggers. Targets can be integrated into all kind of shapes and materials.

MilSim Electronic Shooting Range

Intended for static position target shooting using lasertag taggers. It can be source of an additional income for any lasertag arena, children’s playroom and amusement park.

  • PVC Screen can be up to 3.00m x 2.20m.
  • Contains 4 different scenarios.
  • Space requirement min 3m x 3m.
  • Power consumption is only 50 watts

You can design your own Electronic Shooting range screen or choose from our existing designs.

You can choose different taggers: Pistols or AK14 Rifles.

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